PDF Link Updater

Batch update hyperlinks in PDFs.

Do you have PDF files with hyperlinks which you need to update in bulk? This application lets you easily search and replace text within hyperlinks embedded in PDF files. Try It Now!

PDF Hyperlinks.

Many people use the ability to add hyperlinks to PDF documents. When the hyperlinked path needs to be changed, for example when a domain name changes, you can be faced with a lot of links to update.

Adobe Acrobat and other popular PDF editing tools do not have a way to batch update hyperlinks.

Each link must be updated individually within every affected PDF.

With this tool you can select individual or multiple PDFs and perform a search and replace through all documents.

It is simple and fast to use saving you valuable time.

Designed for Windows computers.

Customer Testimoials This is a major time saver. I was manually changing files using Adobe. It would take me 12-14 hours of constant clicking. This program did it in under 5 minutes. Definately worth the money. B Jones. Your software is amazingly fast, even running on a virtual machine on a Mac. I beleive you could double your price and still provide excellent value. B Gillan